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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stock Balancing Cycle

Stock Balancing Cycle Map I. Product Introduced V1.0 A. Introduction B. Ramp Up C. Sales Leveling D. Discounted II. Product V2.0 Designed III. End Of Life Date Set for V1.0 IV. V1.0 Sales are accelerated or De-accelerated A. Accelerate to reduce volume in Channel B. Deaccelerate to maintain volume if 2.0 is not ready V. Goal is 0 inventory of 1.0; Pleanty of Inventory 2.0 on Introduction VI. Customers Holding 1.0 A. Request Stock Balance Return B. If Approved Place PO for equal value of 2.0 C. 1.0 is shipped back D. 2.0 is shipped out VII. Channel is rebalanced and starts over awaiting 3.0 Posted by Picasa