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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Information Workers Should get their Master's Degree online

For people that work in the information industry, whether they are accountants, or work in marketing, or logistics or even in law or research, they should get their Master's degree online.  There is little point in seeking a master's degree from a brick and mortar University where you sit in a classroom and read a text book.

It is actually much more practical to utilize the online tools for research and analysis that would be used in the office to learn the required skills to obtain a Master's degree.  When I received my Master's degree, I even used my work laptop at times to do some of my studying at night.  This actually benefited my employer as the tools I was learning to use could then be used for work as well.  All that educational time spent in adult education, where you setup bookmarks, blogs, do research, learn research systems like Westlaw and Lexis can easily benefit an employer.

Why port all those bookmarks and notes from your home computer when you could have them readily available on your work computer.  I learned how to perform legal research with Westlaw and Lexis and this proved to be extremely benefitial when it came time for me to perform due dilligence as an accountant and later as a credit officer.

It would have been extremely impractical for me to bring a stack of text books to work to copy crib notes out of the margins.  All my notes, all my research, all my shortcuts and all my research tools were on my laptop ready for me to use whether I was studying after work or investigating a potential future contract partners.