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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Australia Prepares for Nationwide Trucking Strike and Possibly Violence

Australia may wake up today to a nationwide trucking strike and possibly violence against any truck drivers that attempt to work today.

image The Australian Long Distance Owners' and Drivers' Association is leading the nationwide shutdown, which begins on Monday.

The industrial action does not have union backing.

TWU Queensland secretary Hughie Williams says drivers have been told their safety cannot be guaranteed if they do not stop work.

"There's also been other threats ... not only of being unsafe on the roads but there's been threats of trucks being burnt, of heavy objects being thrown off overhead bridges," he said.


It is a grim turn that the country down under is facing as truck drivers and unions work to get drivers higher wages while gas prices continue to maintain record highs.

The country that will really be impacted by these potential strikes will be China and the United States, who are directly and indirectly reliant on the natural resources that Australia produces.