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Saturday, August 09, 2008

China Experiences Terrorist Attack by Truck

On August 5th, before the attack on an American couple in Beijing, a man used a truck for a terrorist attack on police officers in Western China.

KASHGAR, China — Authorities said they were treating a brazen attack that left 16 police officers dead and 16 others injured Monday as a terrorist strike, China's state-run media reported. The two men arrested after the attack were members of the ethnic Uighur minority, which has long chafed under Beijing's control of northwestern China.

The incident followed the release of a video last month in which a group calling itself the Turkestan Islamic Party threatened attacks during the Olympic Games, which will open in Beijing on Friday.

The group has said it wants to draw attention to its demands to establish an independent state and end Chinese repression of Uighurs, Muslims who speak a Turkic language and have made this area 2,000 miles west of Beijing their home for centuries.

In Beijing, an Olympic spokesman said Monday that the Chinese government has taken every precaution to prevent an attack at the Games. Details of Monday's attack remained unclear Tuesday.


That same group is now blamed for the attack of a man wielding a knife against a couple.  The father-in-law of the indoor volley ball coach of the US Olympic team died as a result of the attack and his wife's status was serious.

While the rest of the world is protesting higher gas prices with trucker's strikes, the Chinese are working to quell possible terrorist attacks.  Due to restrictions on speech and reporting from the areas in question however, it is extremely difficult to trust this account let alone the cause associated with the attack on Americans in Beijing, which happened to be the same excuse.

The Chinese government works with a paradox whereby they want the rest of the world to turn a blind eye on their problems, yet they simultaneously want a Lasik like focus on their advancements.  What they fail to realize is that the contrast between the two areas is what defines them.