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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

HD Radio: Free, crystal-clear, Digital Radio

Imagine CD-quality sound and crystal clear reception from your car, home or office stereo without static hiss, station drop off or audio distortion. High Definition digital radio can offer you all those great features as well as an enhanced number of new music, new programming and a huge number of new channels and no subscription fee! In addition to all the great stations you're already tuned into, you'll have access to traffic, weather and the stock markets all readily accessible. 
HD Radio Reciever units are available in tabletop systems, shelf units and car and marine stereo units as well. Not only will you have unparalleled access to all your favorite programming, reception is free with no subscriptions or contracts. HD digital radio also offers a great external features such as iPod tagging which allows a user to plug in their iPod or iPhone into the unit and "tag" any song and purchase it later through the iTunes network. 
Whether you enjoy Left Coast Leanings, Chicago style blues or Texas High Definition Radio Stations, any listener is bound to enjoy the endless options of High Definition digital radio.