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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Texans Dealing With Congestion

It is no secret that congestion in and around major metropolitan areas can put a serious dent into a distributors bottom line. A recent release from the Federal Highway Administration stated that the two primary factors regarding congestion are poorly designed roadways which create bottlenecks and minor traffic accidents. Although there are a number of methods that can be implemented to alleviate congestion issues, some states are beginning to aggressively take matters into their own hands. 
The Texas Department of Transportation currently recognizes that many of the largest cities and municipalities are on the list of the top 85 most congested areas in the country. In an effort to help both drivers and distributors, TxDOT has developed a number of solutions ranging from alternative toll lanes, implementation of new corridors, new truck lanes and incentives for carpooling and utilization of public transportation.
Having spent a good deal of time in the Austin and San Antonio areas, I can attest to the congestion and the interesting bottlenecks all over I35 in Austin. There is good news however, the state has already begun construction on new tollways as well as rebuilding and improving older roadways within the metro area. Granted, I'm only trying to get to work or do some shopping, whereas there are entire industries that are effected much more severely when it comes to congestion. The next few years should be interesting due to energy prices and an aging interstate system.