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Saturday, August 09, 2008

World Wide Trucker's Strike - South Africans take to the Street

The strike against oil and fuel prices continues to spread with most recent outbreaks of strike impacting South Africa.

image A crowd of almost 10 000 people gathered in Keizersgracht this morning for a march on Parliament to protest against rising electricity, fuel and food prices.

Cosatu's provincial general secretary Tony Ehrenreich had predicted yesterday that 30 000 protesters would bring the city to a grinding halt today.

The march was the focal point of the day-long national strike called by the federation to highlight the issue of rising living costs.

Thousands more people across the country answered the call, affecting key industries including the gold mines and motor industries

In the city, police were deployed to monitor the march, with officers in vans, cars and Inyalas lining the route and a police helicopter circled the area.


Weekend Argus

This particular strike included truckers, and many more everyday citizens.  The strike shut down shops and key industries, with protesters calling on many more industries from electronics shop owners selling MP3 players to gold mining to produce, to shut down as well in protest of higher prices.