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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Answering Settlement Questions

There are many reasons a person might receive a structured settlement. Whether it is a big payday from hitting the lottery or a court decision regarding wrongful death or perhaps medical malpractice, there are many issues to take into consideration when determining the best method of payout. With almost twenty years of experience assisting clients with their settlement needs, Stone Street Capital is an industry leader fully staffed with knowledgeable professionals who will help you explore all of your options.
Drawing upon their wealth of experience, Stone Street Capital's professional staff offers a full range of customizable options in order to gain a cash-in-hand lump sum payment while assuring steady payments over time to supplement your finances. Utilizing a lump sum option is an excellent tool when attempting to pay down credit card and medical bills during these difficult economic times. 
If you are seeking liquidity from a structured settlement, it is important to explore all of your options and speak with experienced professionals who will keep your best interests in mind. Stone Street Capital is a proven industry leader with a track record of success assisting those receiving structured settlements.