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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Centering Clay Made Simple

Whether you are a student, teacher or someone who works professionally with clay, AMACO/Brent has a revolutionary new device called The Quick Center. This new clay centering device allows artisans of all backgrounds the ability to throw clay without the difficult process of free-hand centering. As long as people have been working with clay, they have had to find center in order to spin correctly. Now, thanks to Quick Center, an artist can focus on their art rather than the painstakingly centering clay on the wheel.
AMACO/Brent's new system all but eliminates the frustration of handling clay for novices, instead letting them focus on the manipulation instead of learning how to center clay. The Quick Center system can handle 3-4 lbs. of clay and comes with a "How To" DVD as well as a set of additional bats. The Quick Center was released on Sept. 15th only through AMACO/Brent. This is a really cool system that will enable artisans of all levels to improve their craft.


Anonymous said...

very cool idea. i remember several ppl in my throwing wheel class having to drop out because they got so far behind because they took so long to learn to center. some never learned and had to abandon their dream of throwing.