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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cola Wars Revisited

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are at it again, this time the cola giants are battling it out over the new sweetener "Stevia". Stevia, refined from a South American plant and used as a natural sugar substitute, offers the ailing beverage industry a no-calorie sweetener that may return health-conscious consumers back to the market. 
Sometime last year, Coca-Cola announced a partnership with Cargill in order to create their new sweetener Truvia which is a stevia-based product. Pepsi, not to be beaten to the punch, launched their new sugar-substitute PureVia which is the sweetener found in their new water brand SoBe Life. Currently, the sweeteners are awaiting clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.
In addition to being a sugar-substitute in Pepsi's SoBe Life, a tabletop version is expected to be released sometime this fall. As of today, Coca-Cola is yet to have a tabletop sweetener in production.