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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Employee Screening Services

Whether you are a small business owner or a human resources manager for a fortune 500 company, it is imperative to know who is working for you. Background checks are essential in today's hiring environment to protect your company from potentially harmful employees and incidents. In addition to negating potential risks and liabilities, accurate employee screening and pre-employment background checks will ensure protection from liability damages and negligent hiring lawsuits.
Employer's Reference Source offers clients a wide array of services and tools including employment background checks, criminal history reports as well as a state of the art employee screening service. ERS realizes that protecting your businesses reputation as well as eliminating potential risk at all levels of employment are essential in today's work environment. In fact, by utilizing a quality screening service a business owner or corporation is employing a skilled professional staff tailored to specific screening standards, therefore shifting any potential liability or negligence exposure.
There are many different organizations who conduct a variety of professional screening services, but if you are searching for a comprehensive employment background check service, Employer's Reference Source is an organization worth examining more closely.