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Friday, September 12, 2008

Freight Shipping Solutions

We've been discussing a wide variety of shipping options of late, but haven't really delved into the crating and packaging industry. Regardless of whether you're shipping industrial equipment or a priceless piece of art, it is important to utilize industry professionals to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your goods. Industrial Craters & Packers has over 38 years of experience specializing in onsite packaging and custom crating of a wide variety of industrial and personal goods.
By utilizing state of the art technology, Industrial Craters & Packers create unique CAD engineered designs for any of your custom crating needs. In addition to designing your custom crates, IC&P also has professional crews onsite who will build your crate, pack your shipment and send it on its way via land, air and sea due to their excellent business location in the Northwest Portland, OR Industrial Area. If you are thinking, "shipping crates Portland", you need not look any farther than IC&P.
In addition to their extensive professional experience and excellent distribution location, IC&P not only serves by crating Portland, but also maintains an incredible 45,000 square foot  facility dedicated toward innovative crating designs and customer service, now that is dedication. When it comes to Portland crating services, Industrial Craters and Packers have got you and your shipment covered.