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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skorpion Zinc Mine Not Impacted by Strike in Namibia

Here is the word on the recent strike in Namibia in regards to the Skorpion Zinc mine.

Anglo American's Skorpion Zinc mine in Namibia has not been affected by a week-long rail and road strike, which ended early on Wednesday, a spokesman told Reuters on Friday.

"The Skorpion mine is not affected by the TransNamib truck strike," the spokesman said in an email.

The strike at TransNamib Holdings Ltd., a Namibian transport operator, disrupted road and railway transport in the country.

Skorpion Zinc is Africa's largest zinc mine, producing around 12,500 tonnes of zinc per month.

It should be noted, that its not always possible to tell just how much impact a strike of this nature has on operations until a few quarters have passed and the financial statements can be reviewed more holistically.

Otherwise, taking statements like this at face value is about as useful as believing in the benefits of infomercials or acne treatment pitches on from a dermatologist just back from a luncheon with a drug rep.