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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

South East Gas Shortage

The Southeastern United States has been gripped by a severe gasoline shortage that has all but ground commerce to a halt. The shortage began nearly two and a half weeks ago as Hurricane Ike battered East Texas and the refineries located in Houston. After the storm cleared out and waters receded, southern states were told that production would increase shortly and that reserves would be able to meet demand. 
At first, shortly was supposed to mean 2 to 3 days tops, but quickly stretched to a week, 2 weeks and now until mid-October. It wouldn't be too unreasonable to suggest that demand will not be able to be satisfied until Election Day. 
Not only is this calamity affecting just the southeastern quadrant of the United States, nearby regions will begin feeling the ripple effect as their supplies are tapped to help the southeast. This crisis isn't earning much attention on a national level due to presidential politics, and economy in crisis and the recovery effort along the East Texas coast. 
Residents and businesses alike are left to fend for themselves at this point and patience is hovering just above "EMPTY".
Source: YahooNews