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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uganda Working to Avert Strike

On the same day that a terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Yemen took place and on the same day that terrorists attempted to bomb another section of Nigeria oil pipeline, Uganda was working to avoid a trucker's strike.

In Uganda they are not preparing to strike because of high oil prices, they are striking because of the poor state of the customs parking yard, structures claim is causing damage to their rigs.


They are also protesting alleged harassment by Ugandan revenue security guards.  These agents are accused of extorting high sums of money and harassing truck drivers. The strike had been averted last Wednesday, with the promise of negotiations which have preceded, but it looks like the strike might still occur.

A similar strike was also threatened five months back, for the same reasons, but nothing has been done in that time. It's unknown how much impact a strike in Uganda would have on the local economy, on the shipment of food or fuel or other supplies or even of imports or exports ranging from food and medicine to steam cleaners.