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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

UPS Improves Efficiency In Heavy Freight Lanes

UPS has enhanced their heavy freight division networks once again in the last few months to deliver quicker delivery services for their customers. Expected to decrease transit times for over 1,200 traffic lanes out of the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, UPS Freight President Jack Holmes claims, "These enhancements will add value for customers by improving the velocity of our network."
Holmes also mentions how UPS has also recently lowered transit times on nearly 10,000 lanes in the last year and a half. The improvement is expected to also improve the freight divisions "next-day footprint", as well as provide greater service on overnight deliveries as well. 
In addition to improving the aforementioned transit times, UPS has also reduced times on another 1,000 traffic lanes emanating from major centers in both the Southwest and Southeast. In a business where time is money, UPS is taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the curve in this recent economic downturn. I would expect to see UPS continue to grow in successive quarters despite gloomy forecasts in distribution markets.