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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Melamine Poisoned Candy - In US for Halloween

utterli-image Over 2 weeks ago, I started talking about the Melamine baby formula poisoning scandal in China, thinking to myself, that it was a matter of time before this industrial poison was tracked to products in the United States. Unfortunately that time is today. Melamine has been found through tests in candy in Connecticut less than 1 month before Halloween.
" The discovery announced Wednesday involved the White Rabbit Creamy Candy brand, which is sold in 50 countries but has already been recalled from stores in Britain and many Asian countries. Jerry Farrell Jr., Connecticut’s consumer protection commissioner, announced that contaminated candy had been found at two stores in New Haven, one in West Hartford and one in East Haven. In each case, tests found traces of an industrial additive, melamine, in the candy. “We’re concerned, obviously, there may have been bags sold of these before we got to them,” Mr. Farrell said on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. Last month, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers about White Rabbit candy because of concerns over possible melamine contamination. In California, health officials have found traces of melamine after testing samples of White Rabbit candy. The American distributor has ordered a recall, but some of the candy may still be in stores."…2milk.html In 2007 White Rabbit Candy was recalled in the Phillipines when formaldehyde was found in the product. For US consumers this may not be mainstream candy, consumed by everyone. It does represent a weakness in US oversight of food products shipped to the United States from China, and is likely the tip of the ice berg that has already landed on shore. We need to get a better handle on this problem before this problem is discovered everywhere from dry food stuffs on the shelves at grocery stores to ingredients used in Christmas dinner recipes. Mobile post sent by brettbum using Utterli. reply-count Replies.
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