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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MS Project Server SAAS

If you have been considering setting up your own network for personal use or your business (or both), you have undoubtedly been confronted with the cost of set-up as well as contracting an I.T. professional for installation and maintenance. There are many options regarding Software as a Service (SAAS) nowadays, that are inexpensive and offer the same great services as your own network as well as the benefit of increased productivity and mobility.
Phase 2 International partnered with Microsoft Project Manager to offer the lowest cost around as well as the back-up and tech support of an industry leader. In addition to the numerous aforementioned benefits, you also receive MS Project Server 2007 with all of the features you have come to expect from the MS software collection. Whether you or your business require enhanced charts and graphics or seamless integration with other MS services and applications, Project Server 2007 offers all those features and an assortment of others. 
There are many great benefits associated with utilizing SAAS applications such as increased productivity, seamless MS integration, low cost as well as industry leading I.T. support and maintenance. MS Project web access also grants users increased mobile productivity. Basically wherever you can get internet access your network will be available leading to increased responsiveness and opportunities.