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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photo Blankets

Having moved away from home a while back, I have been looking for interesting gift ideas for family and friends back home and came across's photo blankets and photo throws. If you are asking yourself just what a photo throw or blanket is, well the answer is simple. Imagine being able to take a photograph of anything and have that image faithfully reproduced on a blanket or pillow. When I say "faithfully reproduced", I am talking the exact image in the same quality and clarity of a digital photo!
Another great feature of VisionBedding is there wide assortment of quality patterns and high thread count options. If you are like me and have been considering some interesting holiday ideas for loved ones, you may want to give VisionBedding a look. Not only do they offer great ideas, but also responsive customer service as well as affordable prices and reliable shipping.