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Thursday, October 23, 2008

UPS Raises Rates

Unaffected by the growing financial crisis no more, UPS has announced a general rate increase of 5.9% on both air and international express shipments which will go into effect in January of 09'. Apparently the general rate increase will likely be focused more towards businesses than individuals, however individuals who meet the narrow prerequisites will likely pay the increase.
Personally, I'm surprised this increase hasn't come sooner rather than later due to the hit that shipping distributors have been taking. Currently, it is unclear that rates might be increased once more depending upon fiscal issues.


shipwire order fulfillment said...

Each year the major carriers increase rates. In most cases they may scale back one or more surcharges; however, watch for the surcharge to increase later. Also most shipping discount % plans don't apply to surcharges.

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Thank you for writing on this.