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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trade Show Booths

Having spoken briefly about a number of businesses that have been reshuffling and making drastic cuts, I wanted to change things up a bit today and talk about tools that many businesses are utilizing in order to accelerate their growth potential during these troubling economic times. Lately a growing number of small and large businesses are utilizing trade shows as a positive avenue for business development and growth. Although there are a wide variety of trade shows for an even wider variety of businesses and fields, there are a few things that remain homogenous and that is the need for those businesses to have trade show booths
You might not realize it, but there is actually quite a bit involved in regards to selecting a trade show booth that will not only showcase your business, but deliver an air of professionalism. I remember visiting a trade show for new media in Boston, MA a few years ago and passing the "booths" by that were merely card tables with a tablecloth and poorly crafter banner. I mean, how can you try to sell someone your service from a "booth" like that? I suppose they may have had their reasons, but it must have been embarrassing watching a steady stream of convention goers walking right passed your booth all weekend long. 
In regards to what makes a positive impression on trade show attendees might vary depending on the venue, but you can rest assured having banner stands and a Pipe and Drape display is probably a good start. Oh and do yourself and your business a favor and don't just run out to the party store to grab a cheap table skirt, take your time and find one that matches and is of good quality. If you are planning on renting out booth space at a trade show or convention, be sure to get together with the venue and learn more about their accommodations. Who knows, if you perform well you might be heading in the opposite direction as everyone else during economic upheaval. 


Rashan Grooms said...

I have many clients whom have voiced concerns about participating at Trade Shows in a down economy. I have advised most,"this is the time to invest more in trade shows not less."

Rashan Grooms