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Friday, November 06, 2009

Working with Graphic Design 26 in Urbandale, Iowa

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.

This week Softduit Media is working with graphic designer Jennifer Slagle in Urbandale, Iowa (near Des Moines, IA) to migrate her website from a static Apple MobileMe platform to a WordPress as a CMS (content management system) setup.

Jennifer runs the graphic design firm, Design 26.  She has an extensive portfolio of graphic design work for customers in Iowa and the midwest.  Her former website successfully incorporated examples of her portfolio, but the site lacked the flexibility of a CMS in both communicating with potential and existing clients as well as simply attaining decent listings and rankings through the primary search engines....

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Media Trends & Statistics

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.

Here’s a very good video that shares some insights in where social media is at today, where its been, and likely where its going.

This is probably one of those videos that you will want to watch a couple times, just to make sure you understand the insights and information within. 

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.
Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheapest Price on Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Available Now

Note: Cross posted from Maven Mapper's Information.

I’ve been covering Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance for a long time but have not seen the prices this low before.

Right now you can buy Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for $29.99!  For your average user, that’s all you need!  If you want to have the extra ability to utilize an MP3 voice recorder (I use a Sony) you can get the Preferred version for as low as $117.99 and the ‘wireless’ version for $155 (that’s bluetooth wireless, I personally use an after market 2.6ghz wireless logitech headset that will work with any version).

You could buy the basic version for $30 and an $90 logitech clearchat wireless headset for a total price of $120 or just jump to Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 bluetooth wireless at $155.

No matter what these are great prices.  Typically the lowest prices you will se are about $80 for Basic, $150 for preferred and $250 for bluetooth wireless.  The best part about this is that at $30 for Basic, this is a great price for a first time user to get in and see just how great this software is these days.

Note: Cross posted from Maven Mapper's Information.
Monday, May 18, 2009

Labs on the Lake | Monetizing Blogs and Traffic Building by Networking-Week of 5/18

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.

This week we are kicking off two more Labs on the Lake.  This week we will hold two labs.  One today, Monday(5-18 at 2pm est), covering the topic of Blog Monetization, walking through some blog revenue sources, adding some new ones to the list and giving some advice on how to navigate these options which can be murky on a good day. [Meetup RSVP link] 

This like many of our topics will be covered several times.  Blog Monetization is definitely not something that can be covered in a single day, let alone a single lab.  Many people are looking for ways to earn extra money, raise revenue to market their companies more, or even start their own business.  We will help people get started with the process of making money with a blog (a blog is required to follow along with this lab in person or on our live show at ).

Then on Thursday(5/21 2 pm est) we are going to cover the topic of building traffic through networking.  [Meetup RSVP link]

Again this is a very deep topic and one we will revisit many times in the future, but you can tune into either lab at 2 PM est or if you are in the Charlotte area, RSVP through our Meetup group (cost $5 to attend) and spend an afternoon on the lake learning some great web skills that will make you money.

We are following up on our first Lab on the Lake last week, which covered WordPress Installation, WordPress Configuration, & WordPress Theme design with our favorite WordPress Theme Generator-Artisteer.  The video from this event (our first live broadcast) didn’t take to well, but we got the bugs worked out the next night when we held our weekly WordPress Meetup in Charlotte and do expect this weeks events to go off without a hitch.

Note: Cross posted from Softduit Media.
Monday, March 16, 2009

Treasury Fact Sheet for Small Businesses

The Treasury just released a fact sheet that essentially offers to unleash credit to small business loans and to give businesses the ability to invest up to $250,000 and write it off in the same year Plus write losses off and carried back up to 5 years.

Unlocking Credit for Small Businesses Fact Sheet

Read Secretary Geithner's Remarks
View the Q&A for Small Business

The Obama Administration firmly believes that economic recovery will be driven in large part by America's small businesses, which have generated about 70 percent of net new jobs annually over the past decade. But as the flow of credit has dried up during this recession, small business owners who were prudent and responsible have been set back by the behavior of others in our financial system who were not. Businesses with strong credit histories have seen loan applications denied due to conditions that have nothing to do with their own actions and are now struggling to expand their businesses, make their payments or even keep workers on their payrolls. As a result, while the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) typically guarantees about $20 billion in loans annually, new lending is trending below $10 billion this year.

The Obama Administration has already taken several positive steps to ensure that small businesses have access to the credit they need to support an economic recovery. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by the President provides for increased guarantees and reduced fees for certain Small Business Administration loans. In February, the Treasury Department made a special effort under the Consumer and Business Lending Initiative to improve terms for securities backed by SBA loans in the TALF.
Today, as part of an effort Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner first outlined in introducing the Financial Stability Plan (FSP) in February, we are taking immediate action to help ensure that credit – the lifeblood of America's small businesses and its economy – gets flowing again to entrepreneurs and business owners. As another part of the Consumer and Business Lending Initiative, the Treasury Department will – by the end of the month – begin making direct purchases of securities backed by SBA loans to get the credit market moving again, and it will stand ready to purchase new securities to ensure that community banks and credit unions feel confident in extending new loans to local businesses. These purchases, combined with higher loan guarantees and reduced fees, will help provide lenders with the confidence that they need to extend credit, knowing they both have a backstop against their risk and a source of liquidity. These measures will complement other steps the Administration is taking to help small businesses recover and grow, including several tax cuts under the Recovery Act.

Unlocking Credit for Small Businesses

  1. Jumpstart Credit Markets For Small Businesses By Purchasing Up to $15 Billion in Securities
    • Stand Ready to Purchase Securities Pooled from the SBA's
      Largest Loan Program for Small Businesses
    • tand Ready to Purchase Securities Pooled from the SBA's Community Development Loan Program
  2. Temporarily Raise Guarantees to Up to 90 Percent in SBA's 7(a) Loan Program
  3. Temporarily Eliminate Certain SBA Loan Fees to Reduce the Cost of Capital
  4. Call by Secretary Geithner for New Reporting Requirements on Bank Lending to Small Businesses and Greater Efforts to Extend Small Business Loans
  5. Issue Guidance for an Expanded Carryback Provision as Part of the Recovery Act's Comprehensive Tax Cut Package for Small Businesses
  1. Jumpstart Credit Markets For Small Businesses By Purchasing Up to $15 Billion in Securities
    • Begin Direct Purchases of Securities Backed by Loans from SBA's 7(a) Program: Traditionally, SBA lending has been supported by an active secondary market, as community banks and other lenders sell the government-guaranteed portion of their loans, providing them with new capital to make additional loans. But since last fall, this secondary market – which has historically supported over 40 percent of SBA's 7(a) lending program – has frozen up. As a result, both lenders, including community banks and credit unions, and the "pool assemblers" that securitize their loans have been left with government-guaranteed SBA loans and securities on their books. This has prevented them from making or buying new loans.Today, the Treasury Department announces that – in order to get credit moving immediately to small businesses – it will:
      • Stand Ready to Purchase Securities Backed by 7(a) Loans Packaged Since Last July: Treasury has hired an investment manager who will be authorized to purchase – starting by the end of this month – securities backed by guaranteed portions of 7(a) loans packaged on or after July 1, 2008. This will help clear the backlog of securities that has built up since the beginning of the credit crisis last year, providing pool assemblers and banks with a source of liquidity so that new lending can occur.
      • Stand Ready to Purchase New 7(a) Securities Packaged Between Now and the End of the Year: Between now and the expiration of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) authority on December 31, 2009, Treasury stands ready to purchase new securities backed by the guaranteed portions of 7(a) loans. By making this pledge, Treasury provides assurances to community banks and other lenders that they can sell the new 7(a) loans they make, providing them with cash they can use to extend even more credit.
    • Make Direct Purchases to Unlock Credit Markets for SBA's 504 Community Development Loan Program: The SBA's 504 program combines government-backed loans with mortgage loans from private lenders to provide long-term financing of up to $10 million that directly supports economic development within a community. First-lien mortgage loans made by private-sector lenders – which account for 50 percent of the financing for 504 projects, and are not SBA guaranteed – were often traded in the past on an active secondary market that has frozen in the last year, leaving billions in unsold assets on the books of banks. To get the 504 lending market moving again, Treasury will:
      • Stand Ready to Purchase Securities Packaged From 504 First-Lien Mortgages: Treasury will stand ready to buy first-lien mortgage securities connected to SBA's 504 loan program.  No later than May, Treasury will begin purchasing securities packaged on or after July 1, 2008 that meet eligibility criteria designed to protect taxpayers.
      • Prepare to Buy 504 First-Lien Mortgage Securities That Receive New SBA Guarantees: As part of the Recovery Act, SBA is working to develop a secondary market guarantee program for securities issued from pooled 504 first mortgage loans. Once this program is fully implemented by SBA, Treasury will stand ready to purchase these government-guaranteed securities.
    • Provide Liquidity While Keeping The Secondary Market in Place: These direct purchases of 7(a) and 504 securities will provide liquidity to lenders, including community banks and credit unions, enabling them to restart the process of recycling capital and extending loans. At the same time, the TALF component of the Consumer and Business Lending Initiative will provide investors with an attractive source of financing, allowing them to continue participating in the market. This is intended to keep the existing secondary market in place so that private investors can replace the government as the purchaser of these securities when market conditions return to normal.
  1. Temporarily Raise Guarantees to Up to 90 Percent in SBA's 7(a) Loan Program: The purpose of the 7(a) loan program is to provide a government guarantee that reduces the risk lenders face when they make loans to borrowers who cannot find credit elsewhere. But during the current recession, the guarantees – up to 85 percent for loans at or below $150,000 and up to 75 percent for larger loans – have not been large enough to give banks the confidence they need to lend. As part of its implementation of the Recovery Act, the SBA today announces:
    • An Increase in Maximum Loan Guarantees to 90 Percent: Beginning today, any lender who participates in the 7(a) program can request a guarantee from the SBA of up to 90 percent for each eligible loan. This temporarily available increase in guarantees will help provide banks with the greater confidence they need to extend credit during the current recession.
    • A Confidence Boost Lenders Need to Extend Credit: Combined with Treasury's efforts to unlock secondary markets, higher loan guarantees will ensure that lenders have both greater safeguards against possible credit losses and assurances that there will be an active secondary market to purchase their loans and provide the liquidity they need to keep lending.
  2. Temporarily Eliminate SBA Loan Fees to Reduce the Cost of Capital
    • Elimination of Borrower and Lender Fees for 504 Loans: On any new eligible 504 applications submitted beginning today, SBA will temporarily eliminate the Certified Development Company (CDC) processing fees charged to borrowers and the third-party participation fees charged to lenders. As a temporary provision authorized by the Recovery Act, these measures will reduce costs to both borrowers and lenders participating in the 504 program, which has a demonstrated record of supporting community development and creating jobs.
    • Elimination of Up-Front Fees for 7(a) Loans: For any new eligible 7(a) loan, the SBA will temporarily eliminate the up-front fees that lenders pass along to borrowers. These fees – which go up to 3.75 percent for larger loans – increase the cost of borrowing for small businesses and make it more difficult for them to access the credit they need to expand or make new investments.
    • Rebates for Fees Paid Since February 17th: For borrowers or lenders charged any of these fees on loans approved on or after February 17th, the SBA will provide a refund, to ensure that Recovery Act provisions create the maximum possible economic stimulus.
    • A Pledge to Quickly Turn Around Loans: To maintain a high level of service to potential borrowers and lenders alike, the SBA also pledges that complete loan applications will be turned around quickly by the SBA – usually in as little as two to three days.
  1. Call by Secretary Geithner for New Reporting Requirements on Bank Lending to Small Businesses and Greater Efforts to Extend Small Business Loans
    • Require the 21 Largest Banks Receiving Financial Stability Plan Assistance to Report Their Small Business Lending Every Month: As part of the President's commitment to increasing transparency and accountability, Treasury will – for the first time – require the 21 largest banks receiving capital from the government to report how much small business lending they do every month.
    • Call for Quarterly Reports of Small Business Lending By All Banks: Today, Secretary Geithner called for every bank nationwide to report their total lending to small businesses in their regular quarterly reports, rather than just once a year. Secretary Geithner will ask bank regulators to take steps to amend the quarterly Report of Condition to achieve this important objective. This will offer more current information about trends in small business lending, while at the same time providing important information about how well government programs are working to stimulate these loans.
    • Issue Call for All Banks to Make Efforts to Increase Small Business Lending: Today, Secretary Geithner called on all banks – whether or not they receive FSP assistance – to make an extra effort to extend small business loans to creditworthy borrowers. In light of the extraordinary assistance provided to the banking system, Secretary Geithner emphasized that lenders should take a special responsibility for providing the credit that small businesses need to operate, expand and add jobs.
  1. Issue Guidance for An Expanded Carryback Provision as Part of the Recovery Act's Comprehensive Tax Cut Package for Small Businesses:
    • Establish Five-Year Carryback Provision to Increase Tax Refunds for Small Businesses:Today, the IRS will issue guidance for a provision in the Recovery Act that allows businesses with gross receipts of up to $15 million to "carry back" their losses for up to five years, effectively allowing them a rebate on taxes paid in previous years. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that this measure will increase liquidity for small businesses by $4.7 billion by September 30, 2009.
      • Continue Implementation of Recovery Act's Comprehensive Tax Cut Package for Small Businesses: The carryback provision is only one of several measures in the Recovery Act that will improve liquidity for small businesses by lowering their taxes, including:
        • Incentives to Invest in Plant and Equipment by Allowing Small Businesses to Write Off Up to $250,000 of Investment: The Recovery Act allows small businesses to immediately write off up to $250,000 of qualified investment in 2009, providing an immediate tax incentive to invest and create jobs.
        • Additional Liquidity Support By Reducing Estimated Tax Payments: Normally, small businesses have to pay 110 percent of their previous year's taxes in estimated taxes. But with incomes down for many small businesses this requirement is too burdensome – and causing a cash crunch. The Recovery Act allows small businesses to reduce their estimated payments to 90 percent of the previous year's taxes, helping to boost their liquidity and better align their estimated taxes with their actual taxes in a year of severe economic contraction.
        • Extension of Bonus Depreciation Deductions Through 2009: The Recovery Act also extends through 2009 bonus depreciation,allowing businesses to take a larger tax deduction within the first year of a property's purchase.
        • Incentives for Investors to Put Money in Small Businesses: Finally, the Recovery Act includes a measure that will exclude from taxation 75 percent of the capital gains for investors in small businesses who hold their investments for five years. In his budget, the President proposes to go further, eliminating all capital gains taxes on small businesses and making this measure permanent.
Friday, February 20, 2009

News on Trucker’s Strikes Around the World February 2009

Thousands of Greek drivers block border crossing with Bulgaria - Istanbul,Istanbul,Turkey
"The ministry doesn't understand the reasons truck drivers decided to go on strike and block international commercial transport, a blockade that forces our ...

Transportation Ministry reacts to TIR drivers' strike
ANA - Athens,Greece
The protesting truckers blocked access to other vehicles transporting goods allowing, however, passage to private cars and tourist coaches. ...


Traffic troubles are likely due to termless strike of Greek truck ...
Focus News - Sofia,Bulgaria
Greek Embassy warns Bulgarian automobile carriers for possible traffic impediments due to termless strike of Greek TIR truck drivers. ...

A Teamster in the making: Frank’s ‘Wake-up Call’
Wakefield Observer - Beverly,MA,USA
Due to deregulation of the trucking industry, a lot of companies were later filing for bankruptcy protection. Both situations resulted in layoffs and the ...

Vandals strike historic Wyo mine
Casper Star-Tribune Online - Casper,WY,USA
The vandals apparently rammed their truck through the security gates at the mine and accessed several buildings, including the mine's old mill house that ...


Leader of truck-jumping thieves nabbed
Philippine Star - Manila,Philippines
... complaints from truckers and traders passing the Delpan area who lost precious cargo due to the cunning ability of the gang members to strike quickly,” ...

Egyptian pharmacists and truck drivers end strikes
Monsters and - USA
Separately, trailer-truck drivers halted their four-day-long strike Wednesday after a compromise was reached on Tuesday between trailer drivers and Hamdi ...

EC woman may not survive pickup truck strike last week
El Campo Leader News - El Campo,TX,USA
By SHANNON CRABTREE An El Campo woman struck by a pickup last Wednesday may not recover from her injuries. ...

Gaza, Palestine: Israeli troops shoot Palestinian farmer
The Muslim News - UK
Currently 3 Palestinian farmer and 5 international Human Rights Activists are attempting to return to retrieve the farmer’s broken truck. ...

Egyptian Industries Paralyzed by Strikes
The Media Line - New York,NY,USA
The pharmacists’ strike enters its third day on Wednesday and is affecting millions of Egyptians who do not have access to drugs they need and could not ...

GM Seeks Another $16.6 Billion In US Government Aid; Job Cut Plan - USA
GM, however, said it failed to strike critical deals with the United Auto Workers union and bondholders to reduce labor costs and shrink its $47 billion ...

An attempt to find peace in the Middle East
Long Beach City College Viking - Long Beach,CA,USA
The UN recently halted shipments of aid to civilians in Gaza strip after a UN truck driver was shot and killed on the Israeli border while transporting a ...


Transport drivers in Mexico threaten strike over fuel prices
MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- Hundreds of thousands of bus and truck drivers are threatening to go on a prolonged strike if the federal government does not ...

Egypt truckers strike enters fourth day
afrol News - Oslo,Lesotho
afrol News, 17 February - Egyptian truckers have entered the fourth day on strike in protest against the law that would ban the vehicles by 2011, ...

Truckersstrike hits Egypt
Gulf Times - Doha,Qatar
Violence escalated in al-Gharbiya governorate as the strike continued. Angry drivers threw heavy rocks at trailer drivers who refused to strike. ...


Mexican truck drivers strike for cheaper diesel
MEXICO CITY (AFP) — More than 500000 truck and bus drivers across Mexico went on a one-day strike to press for lower diesel fuel prices, threatening more ...


Mexico: Bus, Truck Drivers Strike Over Diesel Prices
Stratfor - USA
About 500000 truck and bus drivers in Mexico staged a 24-hour strike on Feb. 16 to demand a government freeze on diesel prices, Deutsche Presse-Agentur ...

Ukraine truckers to go on strike in Kyiv Feb. 18
ZIK - Lviv,Ukraine
Lviv truckers will leave for Kyiv Feb. 17 to join their buddies from other cities in a national strike due Feb. 18. In all, 1000 trucks will converge on the ...

Mexican Truckers on Work Stoppage
Prensa Latina - Havana,Cuba
The national strike was called by the Autonomous Truckers Alliance from the Mexican Republic that the National Truckers Confederation of the Mexican ...

Egyptian pharmacists strike against tax law
International Herald Tribune - France
Hundreds of Egyptian trailer truck drivers have been on strike since Saturday, to protest a new law that would ban the heavy vehicles by 2011, ...

2009 Nationwide Series gets off to a start with the Camping World ... - USA
Sure Wallace may have cut Leffler off, but that hit was not a retaliatory strike, all through the 2009 speed weeks we have seen cars bouncing all over this ...

The truth about Hamas
Ynetnews - Israel
In May 2008, a Palestinian bomber from Gaza blew up an explosive-laden truck on the Palestinian side of the Erez crossing, causing an estimated $3.5 million ...

Truckers strike back, torch Meghalaya bus
Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta,India
15: Truckers and their supporters set ablaze a Meghalaya Transport Corporation bus this morning at Shallang’s coal belt area in West Khasi Hills district, ...

Egypt police arrest 25 striking truckers
Africasia - London,UK
Egyptian police arrested 25 truckers on Sunday as a strike by truck owners entered its third day, a police official said. The truck owners had clashed with ...

Egyptian Truckers Strike Continues, Pushes Up Prices - Paris,France
CAIRO (AFP)--A strike by thousands of Egyptian truck drivers entered its third day Sunday, pushing the price of cement and cooking gas up, businessmen said. ...

Egyptian truckers' strike brings violence, delays
Reuters Namibia - Namibia
CAIRO (Reuters) - A strike by Egyptian truck owners has turned violent and is causing long delays on roads in parts of the country, police sources and ...

Israel, Hamas reject UN ceasefire deal - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Humanitarian aid deliveries had been suspended on Thursday after one truck driver was killed and another injured by what the UN said was an Israeli tank ...

Fires strike business, block
Winnipeg Free Press - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS The sun pokes through thick smoke as firefighters on a ladder truck pour water on a fire at a business on Dufferin Avenue ...

Op-Ed Contributor The Coming Swarm
New York Times - United States
The Indian security forces, many of which had to be flown in from New Delhi, simply had little ability to strike back at more than one site at a time. ...

Spain's new jobless crowd into the soup kitchens - UK
Strike! Strike!", they chanted at a recent rally. With Spain's property developers queuing up to file for bankruptcy and employees at a local General Motors ...


Afghanistan poses problem for Obama
Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage,AK,USA
... major Khyber Pass bridge, blown up by the Taliban or Al-Qaeda or whoever, with a huge supply truck sprawled on its side in the process of being looted. ...

500000 Mexico Bus and Truck Operators Go On Strike
Latin American Herald Tribune - Caracas,Venezuela
MEXICO CITY -- Representatives of at least 500000 bus and truck operators in Mexico from some 50 associations announced Friday a 24-hour strike on Monday to ...

Insurgency takes heavy toll on Pakistani police - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... Khan's Frontier Police, including troop carriers, motorcycles, ballistic helmets and bulletproof vests; an ambulance and a tow truck are promised soon. ...
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The Associated Press

Noise, fuel-dumping cause anger at US Kyrgyz base
The Associated Press
One of the most contentious issues surrounding the base is the fatal shooting of truck driver Alexander Ivanov in late 2006 as a routine security check was ...

General Motors issues Flint Truck Assembly Plant ultimatum - MI,USA
The union and the company have been at odds over the local contract since at least early last year, when the UAW warned GM that workers could strike if a ...

Cops cleared in Puebloan's death following truck chase
Pueblo Chieftain - Pueblo,CO,USA
The officer used a physical strike against Munoz's head to stop him from obtaining access to the weapon. At least one other officer also used physical ...

Striking union offers to return to Oak Harbor Freight
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
He said troubles at the family-owned trucking business, which serves the five westernmost states, began Sept. 22, when 40 percent of the employees -- 578 ...

Marines get first shot at new fighter jet
Stars and Stripes - Washington,DC,USA
The military’s next stealth fighter jet, the versatile F-35 or Joint Strike Fighter, is slated to roar into action in 2012 when it enters service with the ...

Air Force confirms Joint Strike Fighter assignment to Eglin
Navarre Press - Navarre,FL,USA
Air Force officials have decided to bed down 59 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft and to allow associated construction at Eglin Air Force Base to begin. ...

The ‘Doberman Effect’
The Jewish Week - NY, USA
As he drove a pickup truck with red flags just a few blocks away, Communist Party activist Agarbiya was confident that the Lieberman phenomenon would shock ...

Egyptian security forces detain 30 truck drivers on road to Gaza
Monsters and - USA
Cairo - Egyptian security forces have detained 30 Egyptian truck drivers delivering supplies to the Gaza Strip, a source in the interior ministry told ...

Distribution Business News 20th February

Distribution Business News

The Allen Group Completes Land Sale at Dallas Logistics Hub to ... (press release) - Salem,OR,USA
The Dallas Logistics Hub is the largest new inland port in North America, with 6000 acres master-planned for 60 million square feet of distribution, ...
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Barnes Group’s sales and earnings decline in fourth quarter
Industrial Distribution - Waltham,MA,USA
Fourth-quarter sales for Barnes Group’s Logistics and Manufacturing Services division, which includes Barnes Distribution, were $146 million, ...
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Logistics Perspective: The Distribution and Materials Handling ...
Supply Chain Digest - Dayton,OH,USA
... I might have talked to a medium sized distribution company at a trade show or elsewhere which really did have an opportunity to reduce their logistics ...
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Global logistics: CHRobinson sets up shop in Vietnam
Logistics Management - Newton,MA,USA
“This expansion deepens our commitment to the development of inter-region logistics for Asia as we continue to build the links between our distribution ...
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Chiquita Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2008 Results
FOXBusiness - USA
... to pricing and euro exchange rates that more than offset higher sourcing and logistics costs and lower volume in the company's core European markets. ...
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Distribution Business Blog Articles

LM Newsletter: Issue 172 « WordPress: kaposlogisztika
By Keller Gábor
Leading property services firm Atisreal, in association with Logistics Manager, is undertaking a research study related to the town planning environment associated with Logistics and Distribution Property. ...
WordPress: kaposlogisztika -

Warehousing-Logistics-Transportation Business For Sale in E TX ...
Manufacturers, wholesalers and distribution centers make up the primary portion of the customer base. Recent year sales have been driven by companies utilizing manufacturing/distribution services within the AK-LA-TX area and by ... Texas Businesses for Sale -

WWL sets up its Indian subsidiary at Chennai - WheelsUnplugged ...
The company offers a range of logistics services, including supply chain management, ocean transportation, terminal handling, inland distribution and technical services. It is one of the world's largest companies within transporting of ... (India... -

India Logistics News » Blog Archive » Wallenius Wilhelmsen opens ...
By Admin
The company said it wants to establish a long-term presence in India that will focus on ocean transport, terminal services, technical services, inland distribution and supply chain management. ...
India Logistics News -

Hgv Class 1 Moffet Driver (Digitacho) - Braintree UK
Fully supported 24 hour distribution network. They are currently recruiting for Class 1 Moffett drivers to work various shifts. Shifts can be morning or evening and vary from weekdays to weekends. To be considered for this position you ...
UK Logistics jobs -

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Distribution Business News 19th February

Distribution Business News

Nike breaks ground on distribution center in China - Charlotte,NC,USA
“This state-of-the-art logistics facility will showcase the best of our global supply chain expertise and ensure faster delivery of product to our retail ...
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Ingram Micro Working to Ensure No Service Disruptions - Distribution
Channel Insider - New York,NY,USA
In addition to the 150 at the headquarters and distribution centers, known as "National Logistics" centers within Ingram Micro, the company will cut 100 ...
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Hartford Courant - United States
Excellent comp. & benefits. Resume to: Chief Logistics Officer, 7101 Vorden Pkwy, South Bend, IN 46628 or
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Distribution Business Blog Articles

Former Ralphs Grocery Sr. VP & De Rito Partners West President Tom ...
During the past few years supermarket operators have had to deal with unpredictable fuel and transportation costs, reevaluating distribution logistics and controlling health and welfare benefits for their employees. ...
1888 - Latest... -

Silobreaker: HighJump targets SMEs with rapid deploy WMS ...
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider JDF Distribution Solutions, Inc. Selects HighJump Software to Power Its Fast-Growing, Complex Operations. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain ...
Silobreaker Feed for: Oracle... -

Give APL a Break - Critical Cargoes - Blog on Logistics Management
With that in mind, Burnson's blog will address core trade and transport concerns expressed by logistics and supply chain managers worldwide. He'll share exclusive intelligence on waterborne carriage, services and seaports as well as ...
Critical Cargoes -

What' s Up In The Philippines: SAP Philippines. sees revenue ...
By jmom
The company expects to streamline its business processes and implement control measures on inventory management, distribution & logistics, and accounting systems. Another expectation is to increase the productivity levels and efficiency ...
What' s Up In The Philippines -

nexttrade: F&N broke its immediate uptrend line
By Alex Lu
Both TCCC range of products and F&N range of products share common bottling operations, distribution channel and logistics supports. The average gross profit margin of the soft drink business is 35%. In addition, I have extracted the ...
nexttrade -

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Distribution Business News 18th February

Distribution Business News

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider JDF Distribution Solutions ...
Earthtimes (press release) - London,UK
JDF Distribution is a Dallas based third-party logistics and supply chain solutions services provider in the heart of North America, moving product to ...
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Regal Life Enters Letter of Intent With Amati Corporation - USA
Identify and source premium wine brands and related accessories for distribution in China from vineyards, winery estates, distributors and manufacturers ...
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Verizon Business Takes Complexity Out of Building Networks Across ...
FOXBusiness - USA
Tech Data/Azlan - Advanced logistics distribution services for equipment from multiple manufacturers. "Avaya's new global agreement with Verizon Business ...
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MarketWatch (press release) - USA
Logistics revenue decreased 1.0% to $129.3 million from $130.6 million due to changes in business mix. Hub Distribution's revenue has been reclassified to ...
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MarketWatch (press release) - USA
Our logistics segment provides non-intermodal highway brokerage, truck services, warehousing and distribution, international freight forwarding and supply ...
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McCain Opening France's Biggest Cold Storage Facility
Supply & Demand Chain Executive - Gilbert,AZ,USA
The front area of the logistics center will be used for picking, distribution and incoming goods. It consists of two levels connected by an elevator. ...
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Distribution Business Blog Articles

CRM Daily | HighJump Software Powers Operations, Billing
HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain execution solutions, has signed an agreement with Dallas based JDF Distribution Solutions, Inc., a rapidly expanding third party logistics (3PL) provider, to implement the HighJump ...
CRM Daily -

Understanding Why Companies Outsource Logistics :: Logistics ...
By Adrian Gonzalez
Last month, for example, UPS announced that it will manage a significant portion of Merck’s U.S. distribution of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. According to the press release, UPS Supply Chain Solutions has assumed control of two key ...
Logistics Viewpoints -

Shanghai, China Customer Services Integrated Logistics Jobs ...
... the daily face to the customer; or Physical Distribution, who owns storage and timely delivery of products. A degree in Operations, Purchasing, Logistics, Transportations, Engineering, or Supply Chain Management is required. ...
Proctor and Gamble - Shanghai,... -

Steps needed to follow before buying new car. | PressReleasePoint
By tavira
Artist Magnet LLC Begins Capital Campaign to Launch Revolutionary New International Theater Networking System · more. Free Press Release Distribution Website. Write Press Release. Submit Press Release. Distribute Press Release.
PressReleasePoint - Free Press... -

Spedimex Joins The Tenants of Panattoni Europe
By Immo News
The newest tenant, Spedimex, is a leading logistics operator on the Polish market, specialized in services for non-food sector. The company provides a wide spectrum of services for textile industry, e.g. in storage and distribution of ... : Toute l'information... -

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Distribution Business News 17th of February

Distribution Business News

Supply Chain Digest

Logistics News: Guidelines for Successful Distribution Center Audits
Supply Chain Digest - Dayton,OH,USA
Too often, companies seem to consider that one logistics consultant or firm is much like all the others. Instead, you need to do the homework and reference ...
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Airport boosts logistics, distribution image as America's ...
Memphis Commercial Appeal - Memphis,TN,USA
By Wayne Risher (Contact), Memphis Commercial Appeal An airport-centered effort to supercharge Memphis' longtime strength in distribution and logistics is ...
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Phoenix Contact Goes Live with viastore systems' Automated Storage ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
The new 51200 square foot automated distribution center is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The new facility was built to support the distribution of ...
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Aegean, Gulf Oil partner for distribution of marine lubricants
Energy Business Review - USA
... logistics company and Gulf Oil Marine, a member of the Gulf Oil Group, have entered into a strategic partnership for the global distribution of marine ...
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Supply chain magazine circulation jumps by 23%
Arabian Supply Chain - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Logistics Middle East caters to distribution, purchasing and warehouse managers in need of logistics services, as well as those numerous companies whose ...
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OKI Printing Solutions and Anoto Partnership Expands as Demand ...
MarketWatch (press release) - USA
OKI, an Anoto Qualified Printer partner for the last three years, has become a pan EMEA distribution partner selling its printers bundled with Anoto ...
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LP Church Will Help People Save On Food
Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA
The logistics of how to buy the food with food stamps, which is now done through a plastic card, will be settled within the upcoming week, he added. ...
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Brightstar Named Microsoft Gold Partner for Mobility Solutions
PR Newswire UK (press release) - London,UK
The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has access to sales offices in 16 countries and nine logistics centres throughout the continent. ...
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Hala and PHD form a strategic alliance
AME Info - United Arab Emirates
Leading Saudi Arabian supply chain and logistics company Hala Supply Chain Services (HSCS) and South Africa's pioneering pharmaceutical distributor PHD have ...
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Distribution Business Blog Articles

Building cars by design will add value
By Vikas Sehgal, Robert Reppa and Kazutoshi Tominga
That cost has already been determined by how the car will be built, what materials and basic features will be used and how additional factors such as plant location, supply chain and distribution logistics, and overhead fit into the ...
Opinion -

Alba Logistics » Supply Chain Physics?
By Patrick Daly
“I truly believe that Warehousing is one of THE critical logistics activities in the supply chain. Evidence shows that this is so, regardless of whether you are in manufacturing, distribution or logistics services. ...
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Hampton Roads Partnership: How to grow the Hampton Roads region ...
By Hampton Roads Partnership
In this sector, the Hampton Roads and Crater regions are strategically positioned to emerge as a nationally prominent mid-Atlantic hub for logistics, transportation, distribution, and warehousing. Over 50 top companies have already ...
Hampton Roads Partnership -

Free Logistics & Supply Chain Publications and Whitepapers ...
By scn
Browse through our growing list of relevant and free Transportation & Logistics magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your information needs; topics include distribution, rail and ship ... -

Cebu Pacific launches three new services - Logistics Business Review
Candice Iyog, vice president of marketing and distribution at Cebu Pacific, said: "Cebu Pacific is continuously expanding its domestic network because we want to help boost development within the country by linking islands together ...
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