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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Looking for Anecdotes about mobile advertising Trucks

Mobile Ads on Trucks Last January, while I was at CES, I travelling from the main convention hall to the Sands hall on a bus. Our bus almost made it to the sands, but we got stuck literally 5 feet from the acceptable unloading zone, so we were all stuck on the bus. So we sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for traffic to move another 5 feet. During the wait, a truck sporting a banner advertisement came from the other direction. It proceeded to perform a u-turn right in front of our bus. Of course there was no room for a U-turn and this increased our wait by at least another 30 minutes. The 3 point turn U-turn maneuvre created a situation where the advertisement on the back of the ad was displayed to several thousand convention goers (captive audience). The image which was just shy of obscene. I walked away after sitting on the bus for 45 minutes at a stand still considering just how effective this type of advertisement media really is. I'd like to query readers of this blog and see if anyone has any additional perspective on its feasibility. Good, Bad, useful, ROI what ever is relative.