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Monday, November 05, 2007

Why Can't Microsoft Stomp Google in Phones?

Microsoft has been planning a mobile phone play since 1994.  They have worked with Smart Phones.  They have rolled out the second coming of the Zune with WiFi.  Yet Google threatens them with the advent of the GPhone.

Microsoft should have the advantage here, but oddly enough they do not.

They should be able to leverage their search business, their phone business and their mobile media player business to hit a home run.

Third To Market Strategy At Play Here?

They have all of the ingredients and the only one that could possibly be holding Microsoft back, must be Microsoft.  They do not play well in markets where they are first to market.  In fact, they do not even like to be second to market.  Are they waiting for Google to follow the IPhone and pave more ground in the final round of device convergence?

Once convergence is completed, Microsoft might then be ready to swoop in and roll out the MPhone or Zphone or maybe even the XPhone (They have a lot of brand names to choose from  . . .)

Is it possible that they are following a strategy cooked up on purpose to allow the market to be further paved with a few early adopter GPhones before they then swoop in and clean up a market share number that means something (like 90%).  How needs a phone popup blocker, when the phones actually enable them to commoditize the market and do business the Microsoft way.