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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Keeping a Work Force Educated on the Latest Technologies and Applications

I've written on multiple ocassions about the benefits and challenges of online education programs and some of the myths surrounding the genre, plus I've recently written many tips to succeed that I learned the hard way as it relates to e-learning environments. This is not something for the unmotivated nor is it something for the unprepared or for those that have learning difficutles. E-Learning takes a serious amount of dedication and time, but if you can committ you can benefit. Employers are finding that these types of programs can pay serious dividends. Online Education and training programs are often cheaper than hosting training in house and they are usually much less disruptive to day to day operations. Plus, not only do business benefit from the knowledge that their employees come back to work with, but they benefit from the fresh motivation that comes from learning new ideas, new techniques, new confidence in their abilities and most of all new appreciation in their employers investment in their future. If you want to get an employee up to speed on a database system, on RFID technology or get them going on a Green Belt or Black Belt program in Six Sigma, an online offering is just a few clicks away and your business will benefit from it. As a business owner make sure that you provide the employees with the times and means to get the most out of the training. Online programs can be less disruptive on operations, however they do need the appropriate level of support. Make sure you review the program, the schedules and even the syllabus with your employee. If you see a skill set listed in the syllabus that is important to your future plans for the company or this employee, let them know how much you value the topic and challenge them to focus closely on this topic. There's nothing more important in a training program than identifying the relevant topics and bringing new knowledge and skills back to the job and the organization! Technorati Tags: , , , , ,