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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Managers Could benefit diagnosis tools used by Doctors

Distribution Business leaders could benefit from fundamental technologies designed for Medical Practitioners including Doctors and Nurses.

Doctors and Nurses have at their disposal a software tool known as Epocrates.  The tool has long been available as a database that was run from handheld devices.  Recently the tool was expanded and is now available as an online tool.

Basically it provides Doctors with information at their finger tips such that they can check facts quickly and confirm things about various prescription medicines.  A doctor can look up recommended prescription dosages, drug interaction information even find information about which health plan will might a particular drug and if its available in a generic alternative.

So if a Doctor wants to prescribe a patient a drug like Diovan, for treatment of high blood pressure, they can look it up and cover their bases asking the patient if they have kidney disease or liver disease or if they might be pregnant.  If yes they can recommend an alternative.
Distribution business could benefit from having an all in one fact checking database, providing information about the latest freight rates, or freight routes from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.  A database that compiled a list of all Retailer Compliance requirements could help a logistics manager confirm that a shipment is packaged correctly and if the shipment is canceled or delayed before it leaves the dock, they could confirm that the shipment could be rapidly reconfigured and shipped to an alternate customer still meeting their compliance requirements.

Such a tool would need to be available both in handheld form and online, but could be very  valuable.  Many service providers from freight carriers to call centers even factoring houses and collections company provide a significant amount of information online, but no one puts it together in one place in one tool where  a business can diagnose the big picture and provide the best possible response.

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