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Monday, July 16, 2007

Effective Advertising with the Right Voice for the Job

Advertising online these days requires much more than throwing up a website and maybe supporting that with a business blog or a few white papers.  Visitors coming to your company website are often times going to bounce away to a competitor site unless you have compelling and sticky elements on your website that encourages them to stay.

Putting together a simple flash video presentation accompanied by a high quality voice over track can provide a level of stickiness that will keep people on your site and encourage them to hear out your entire message.

Finding good voice over talent is not difficult. For example Don Capone is readily available for performing voice over work. He has experience in TV, radio and internet mediums and can definitely provide the level of professionalism that your company and your website or commercial needs to succeed.

Voice over work can have a long shelf life for your company.  It can be used on individual presentations and even small excerpts can be cut and mixed for future advertising efforts.  You can even use this work in inserts to be advertised through other Radio or Internet Radio or Podcast broadcasts.