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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Community Colleges Tapped to Fill Logistics Needs

logistics training scholarshipMore and more manufacturing jobs may have moved over seas but logistics jobs here in the United States are rising.  Regional hubs are popping up all around the country and the demand for productive and efficient logistical support has never been greater.  A good case in point is developing in Arizona where local community colleges are providing training and retraining in logistics, inventory management, and general business skills.

The Valley is becoming a regional distribution hub and could soon have 3,000 to 6,000 new warehouse jobs available, so Estrella Mountain Community College's Southwest Skill Center is starting a program to train technicians for those jobs.

Program aims to fill area warehouse jobs

As the US has moved away from being a country that produces the actual goods and as it continues to move more into the role of designing those products and consuming them as they are made abroad by the cheapest available labor, emphasis on logistics roles and inventory management and the technologies that support them have increased dramatically.  Everything from cars and cell phones and Seagull lighting may be produced over seas, but to sell it still has to ship through the United States.

Unlike colleges that focus on a well rounded liberal arts education almost to a fault, local community colleges are proving to be a better training ground for these job functions.

The student population is often times more experienced and more in touch with the working world.  Likewise, many professors at community colleges are also more in touch with the professional world as well, especially as it relates to more practical matters.