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Sunday, January 06, 2008

ERP-Distribution Software Buyer's Guide

Anyone that has ever worked in distribution with a mid sized company will tell you that running a good and flexible ERP system is invaluable.  Get the wrong system and you literally can loose control of your products, your customers, your warehouse, your partners, your company and before you know it, you will loose control over your salary and bonus too!

Performing the due diligence to identify a good ERP system takes time both to learn about the system, but then also to find a consulting company that

  • Knows what they are doing to install it
  • Has the time necessary to dedicate to your company
  • Has very good referrals from recent past customers
  • Has a very good knowledge of 'YOUR TYPE OF COMPANY"

That last point may be the same.  We do not all work selling widgets.  Some of us sell toothpaste, and food products and prescription drugs, or electronics or 4 story electricity generating wind mills or even adjustable beds.

Finding a consultant that understands how your business operates with its product type is KEY to successfully finding an ERP system capable of working well with your business and getting that system configured quickly to do just that.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) ( has partnered with SupplyChainBrain, publisher of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies, to produce the industry-leading 2008 ERP-Distribution Buyer's Guide -- specifically aimed at the mid-market.

The 2008 ERP-Distribution Software Buyer's Guide assists those companies operating in distribution and logistics industries that are actively searching for enterprise resource planning (ERP)-distribution software for their needs, or looking to improve business processes with supply chain management (SCM), distribution process management (DPM) or retail and commerce systems.

IT decision makers will easily find essential product and vendor information, detailed comparative analysis and customer case studies, as well as a comprehensive vendor directory. This directory highlights the 150 industry-leading vendors in ERP-distribution, transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS) and supplier relationship management (SRM).

With planned distribution to over 500,000 IT decision makers via TEC's channels and to more than 50,000 C-level executives via SupplyChainBrain (, the 2008 buyer's guide is scheduled for publication at the end of January and will be available for download at no charge.

TEC and SupplyChainBrain Present 2008 ERP-Distribution Software Buyer's Guide for the Mid-market