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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The New Revolution in Music Distribution Staged by Artists

For years the music has been under assault from its customers trying to find cheap to free ways to get its products.  In the early years, many artists were behind the industry.  Notably bands like Metallica went to Congress and testified that music downloading was bad and wrong and theft even.

But after almost a decade record sales falling in a downward spiral, and many artists getting worked over themselves by the music industry, bands are starting to revolt.  One of those bands, Nine Inch Nails may have started to crack the code of going solo, without a music distributor and record company.

Last year they started running stealth campaigns leaving USB drives around their concerts with copies of their new albums and other tracks.  Now they are offering up very high quality music on their website at prices that range from free to $300.

Fans can get many different tracks and can get the music in many formats from digital downloads to vinyl records, CD's, DVD's and even $300 autographed DVD editions and album information available in PDF books.

Their servers are literally running to the breaking point.  They are definitely moving copies, the new question might be one of paying for the bandwidth with the proceeds.

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe) | The Register