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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

FDA issues warning to NM consumers about raw tomatoes - New Mexico Business Weekly:

The FDA is issuing a consumer warning against tomatoes in New Mexico and Texas but has not yet issued a recall in relation to Salmonella poisonings.
A recall would not be likely until a strain of product can be linked at which time the FDA will be more aggressive about communicating a recall. Until then no press conferences are planned and the microphones, podium and
speaker mount is still locked up in ready reserve.

The FDA is warning residents of New Mexico and Texas to limit consumption of most raw types of tomatoes both purchased and grown at home.  They are specifically recommending that consumers not eat tomatoes with the vine still attached.

The FDA said a salmonellosis outbreak appears to be linked to consumption of raw red plum, red Roma or round red tomatoes, as well as products containing raw red tomatoes. The federal agency recommends limiting consumption to other tomatoes, including cherry, grape and tomatoes sold with the vine still attached, as well as tomatoes grown at home.

From April 23 through June 1, there have been 57 reported cases of salmonellosis caused by Salmonella Saintpaul in New Mexico and Texas, including 17 hospitalizations. Saintpaul is an uncommon type of Salmonella.

FDA issues warning to NM consumers about raw tomatoes