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Monday, December 08, 2008

Coffee Will Never Be The Same

There are many "truths" in the marketplace as well as "myths". One ultimate truth to the marketplace is that if you want to be the best, you have to have an almost fanatical commitment to your product or service as well as a deep knowledge of all aspects related to said business or product. Well, the folks at Intelligentsia Coffee are about as fanatical as it comes! Imagine spending years overseas and around the world gathering information and knowledge in order to create some unbelievable coffee.
In addition to traveling the world in pursuit of knowledge and old-world techniques and traditions, Intelligentsia is able to get the best deals available on cheap bulk coffee beans then apply their vintage German roasting techniques to create excellent quality coffees. If creating cheap bulk coffee, Intelligentsia enlists the aid of some of the worlds most renowned importers to ensure they only buy bulk coffee from socially and environmentally responsible organizations. 
If the aforementioned information about Intelligentsia hasn't got you craving a cup of German roasted coffee, maybe the fact that they have won numerous awards  and accolades over the last four years by a number of industry leaders and aficionados will change your mind. So if it is quality coffee at a quality price you are looking for, then Intelligentsia should be your brand of choice.