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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its the Melting Down Economy Stupid

Its the melting down economy stupid.  That just might be the slogan for this election cycle in 2008.  Oil prices are pushing $117 a barrel on their way up to hundred and $25 a barrel.  Gas prices are pushing for dollars and $4.50 a gallon for your average consumer and five dollars a gallon for truck drivers.

Airlines are merging to avoid bankruptcy yet again, and broken companies like Blockbuster and Circuit City are also trying to find ways to merge their businesses and systems that don't fit in a 2.0 society.

Other retailers are folding relatively quickly as well from CompUSA to Linen and things.  Apparently they weren't smart enough to consider the Circuit City/Blockbuster model and combine a computer store with a linen store possibly selling down comforters with flash drives or something crazy like that.

Unfortunately none of the political candidates are actually talking about anything that would fix the economy.  John McCain is talking about a tax credit that would essentially give a few bucks to people that drive on the road when gas credits are temporarily removed.  Other than that no one is talking about good ways to fix the economy and doing it quickly and that's largely in part to the fact that they won't have power until this time next year.

That means if you look at it from a cynical perspective that no politician in power right now really wants to fix anything this year when they can get credit for it.  It's almost a classic tale of accountability and responsibility.  The Bush administration is currently accountable and anybody that fixes the problem will only be helping the Bush administration.  That's not what Democrats want to do, and even many Republicans in power don't necessarily want to help the President fixes image as they need to help themselves get reelected this next cycle.