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Monday, February 04, 2008

Movie and TV Distribution May be Back Heading Back on Track soon

The Hollywood writer's strike has caused a huge back log in distribution for movies, television shows and much more.  The 4 month old strike may be ending soon and that might finally turn this old fashioned industry ship back on course.

Writers are likely to return to an environment where the years budgets are already set, where reality shows are 3 times more dominant and where they will have to scavenge to get a foot hold on new projects.  The projects that will fly will likely be heavily subsidized from industries that still have free flowing cash like Las Vegas hotels and casinos, companies like Microsoft, and maybe your odd car company that isn't faced with a $12 billion loss.

  Writers that were working on existing projects may find that the projects have been scrapped or delayed or they may have to rush to finish projects months over due. 

The reality is however that this strike has caused a back log in production that will take at least a year to work work itself out a shallow level.  Many people feel that like the writers strike of 1988, it may take twenty years for this one to finally get back on track as well.