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Friday, February 29, 2008

RFID Patient Bracelets

We rarely like to think of ourselves like cattle or any other item for that matter, but I was struck by a local story here in North Carolina.  A Florida man had wandered out of a local hospital and died about a quarter mile down the road just off into the woods a bit.  No one found him for almost 2 years and they made an identification based on the hospital medical id bracelets that he was wearing.

It struck me that hospitals back then had not yet adopted RFID technology.  They are using it more and more these days, especially with newborn babies.

I mention this from the perspective that while we start to face up to the potential of a recession many talented logistics professionals are going to be searching for a new job.  For those that have developed expertise in RFID applications, they might look outside of the traditional world of logistics and consider where else RFID technology might be applied next and that could include hospitals, prisons (sad but true) and possibly even events from concerts to sporting events and amusement parks.