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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strike Ending - Hollywood Didn't fall off into the Ocean

hollywood-writers-strike We called it about a week early, but the writers strike in Hollywood is now ending. Writers are heading to sign the papers soon and will be back to work sooner, but they are returning during an economic slump and during a year where much of the work is cooked.

Just like many large corporations that go through massive layoffs, the entertainment industry has also had to learn how to deal with out this portion of their talent pool.  As they have learned to do more with less, they are also less likely to incorporate writers into as many areas as they used to right away as the budgets are already set and because they now no how to do without the writers in some situations.

Plus, the writers now will cost more than they did in the past as they seem to have won in the bargaining and gained much of what they are looking for.  They better invest it well or else they might find that Hollywood has found cheaper, faster, alternatives and that could push some of those writers out of the business all together.  They might find themselves pushing real estate Branson Missouri after the next strike.



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