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Thursday, February 14, 2008

NetBooks Online ERP Accounting System

As a former accountant, I have worked with some of the largest and some of the smallest accounting systems and ERP systems in the world.  More and more though companies are trying to find a way to match their accounting (historical) with their forecasting (future) and sales (today) processes.  That often means matching up people from different walks of life in the business and the internet is the only real way to do that effectively.

ridgely-evers Now, I have been running my own company on Quickbooks for several years.  As the time comes to consider the upgrade question, I came across a new company called NetBooks created by one of the original QuickBooks designers, Ridgely Evers.  He founded NetBooks.

Now, even with QuickBooks I have considered the concept of doing some online accounting work.  That product if you buy the software will have you doing updates all the time so that you will wish you had run a system online where someone else gets to be responsible for the joy of keeping the system upgraded and finally tuned.


Basically, NetBooks charges $200 per month at a starting rate covering 5 users.  It provides Small business management software that helps bring together the inventory and the marketing team with the accountants so at the end of the day it is more of a small business erp system than just a book keeping program.

If you compare that to the starting price of Quickbooks at $200 plus the price of for 3 users at a starting price of $60 per user (5 x $60 = $300) per month, this is a pretty good value.  Plus, instead of trying to work in 2 systems, you have it consolidated into 1 system.