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Friday, October 10, 2008

Jensen K-Rail

Due to the current troubling economic times, many states all around the country are facing budget deficits that are spiraling out of control. In many instances these states have been forced to cut various projects and programs. The cuts have also been a drain on the local economy in regards to loss of jobs, lower wages and decreased revenue. Both Massachusetts and California have been the hardest hit. In fact both states have asked for government assistance in the form of a bailout just this week. 
Fortunately, in both states, public safety and highway work has not been cutback due naturally to safety and transportation concerns. In regards to California, they have been quite fortunate due to increased availability of construction resources due to Jensen Precast. In order to reduce cost, Jensen Precast has been purchasing used k-rail and various types of barrier rail in order to continue their partnership as a supplier of construction resources to the state.
In addition to offering k-rail for highway work, Jensen Precast rents out their k-rail for a number of non-highway uses including security perimeters, sand and rock barriers as well as the formation of a temporary concrete barrier. California is facing a difficult situation due to the current crisis, but motorists, state highway workers and officials at least don't have to worry about any shortage of affordable k-rail.