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Monday, May 28, 2007

Furniture Distribution Going Global

For many years, many Americans purchased their furniture from local stores around the country that purchased at furniture and for manufacturers located in the United States. Home furniture like clothing has a lot to do with style and taste and sometimes quality. When styles lean towards American, US manufacturing benefits.

Manufacturing of home furniture has long been a staple of the textile industry in the southeast United States, but it's starting to experience more pressure from imports. Wal-Mart is not exactly the culprit in this particular distribution scenario has Wal-Mart doesn't deal a great deal in furniture. However more and more people in the United States are developing the eclectic tastes and days are starting to look for styles that they perceive to have come from abroad.

This can deliver a double whammy for US manufacturers hoping to compete in the global market as they have to find ways to keep costs in check to compete at a cost level and at the same time they must find ways to re-energize their product lines with designs and concepts that reach out to their customer base.