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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Plustek Deal with D&H Distributing

Plustek announced a distribution agreement with D&H Distributing out of Pennsylvania.  Plustek is a leading manufacturer of imaging devices including imaging devices for office and consumer uses.  D&H Distributing it is a privately held distributor operating out of Pennsylvania.  They've been in business for 89 years and maintain part of their business advantage by remaining private. 

Accounting for distribution companies often times requires a great level of prudence that sometimes pushes for deals that benefit the numbers in the short term but hurt the numbers in the long-term when a public company is involved.  DH is able to avoid this pitfall in part as it is a private company and does not have to chase after the quarterly driven numbers that many public companies are burdened by.  This long-term advantage alternately does help them deliver strong short-term results.  They operate in a very unassuming building, but they do deliver results.

Link to Plustek Enters into Distribution Agreement with D&H Distributing