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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moving from Distribution to Farming? Agri-tainment offers life experiences that consumers will pay to see

Oregon Lavender Farm has done something rather unique, they are a distributor that is moved in the farming.  They purchase what used to be a poultry plant and a turn it into a Lavender Farm where they grow flowers so they can extract Lavender oil.

They found themselves uniquely positioned as a distributor of oils and other materials used by many other businesses and took on a poultry plant with a goal of converting it into a farm.  This suited the local county nicely as the county was hoping to keep the area farming and agriculturally grounded.

There was some early concern over the agricultural only use restrictions for the area, but they were eventually able to work these out with the local government.

Many businesses are taking new looks at recall chair and farming in particular.  Oregon Lavender Farm is also considering moving into other farming activities on their site from growing corn to distill alcohol as well as growing mushrooms.  They've even contemplated moving into a business known as agri-tourism or in some areas agri-trainment.

It's the mixing of tourism or entertainment with agriculture.  It helps farms and/or businesses that owned farms diversify their revenue in multiple ways.  Farms are on the country are moving more and more into these alternate agricultural-based businesses whether it's Christmas tree farms that sponsor Christmas related events on their farms, or pumpkin farmers sponsoring festivals and other events even strawberry farms that invite the public and to pick their own strawberries and make a day out of harvesting strawberries.

It helps the consumers get closer to the product while enjoying the outdoors and it helps the farmers find alternate ways to diversify their revenue streams.  At the end of the day people and consumers are willing to pay for an experience.  They pay for experiences when they watch TV shows or read books even when they surf the Internet and read the newspaper.  Agri-tourism or agri-tourism is another way for people to gain an experience and are willing to pay for that experience more often than not.