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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Local Travel Sites for Business Trips

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The locals always know better than visitors where the good deals are.  Its the thing that identifies a tourist from a local in many ways.  The age of the internet however has the ability to level the playing field a bit.

Travelers can opt for national or international travel sites to get the generic tourist prices, or they can dig a little deeper and find better deals through localized and targeted sites that focus entirely on the area in question. for example focuses on, you guessed it!, travelling to Orlando Florida.  If you are looking for great deals on flights to or from, car rentals, or orlando vacation rentals their latest release has been set up to give you more information about how you can save even more money than going with a national site.

The competition here is basically between the larger sites getting price breaks based on economies of scale versus localized sites that are in the know about local deals.  The best part about that is that the localized sites can synthesize the deals from larger services along with the know how from local deals, giving travelers the best of both worlds on one website.