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Monday, May 28, 2007

Radar Detectors to Promote Slower Driving

Companies that have employees on staff that utilize company cars or vehicles or deliver products often times employ the use of governors on their vehicles to ensure that their employees do not speed. These days they also often employed GPS devices and other tracking tools to determine if there people are utilizing optimum routes. Sometimes they even use these tools to determine if their employees are speeding.

It goes slightly against conventional wisdom, however radar detectors can also be used for a purpose to help remind employees not to speed. A radar detector can provide a warning to a driver to remind them to pay attention to their speed whether they are speeding or not. Hearing the beeping of a radar detector or the flash of light can remind people to look at the speedometer and check their speed which is a good reminder in general. It's a low-tech way to help your employees remember to be careful when a driving company vehicles.