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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dedicating a bigger Section to Recalls

We are going to dedicate a segment of our articles towards recall news.  Recalls and returns for that matter or a major expense in time and money for anyone that works in any form of distribution.  Recalls, especially those covering products sourced in China are getting a great deal of attention, and rightly so.

The industry needs to police itself and clean things up or face a consumer and multi-government backlash.  This will mean higher costs if businesses proceed with a business as usual mentality, but fortunately there are also many new technologies and tools that can enable companies to manage their products and product life cycles much more effectively and efficiently.

So whether you are selling Air Jordans retro shoes or dog food or tooth paste, automobile tires or DVDs, there are better ways to do business, help your customers and grow sales without destroying the market through slash and burn tactics that result in short term savings, but end up costing the entire industry millions and possibly putting your company out of business.