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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Small Business Impact of Debt Solutions

Regardless of the good times or bad times, many small businesses usually make poor money management decisions due to inadequate professional experience. After awhile the owners become overwhelmed with debts that they loses their direction in building the business.

Soon, these same owners realized that their debt problems and the prospect of bankruptcy are holding back the potential growth of their business. Especially when the current business cycle strategically favors their business.

One of those debt problems that affect most small businesses is the problem of "near-max out" credit cards with high interest rates. What does one do when the revenue is down and the credit card bills are high? Emotional pressure become prevalent especially when the collectors are calling everyday

To free your business of burdensome debt, without filing bankruptcy, I recommend the consummate Debt Relief solution: credit card consolidation.

What does one get when they get a "Credit Card Consolidation" solution?

(1) Debit payments are consolidated;

(2) Your Monthly payments are lowered;

(3) Interest rates are reduced;

(4) Late fees are waived

(5) Collection calls are eliminated