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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wal-Mart Finds More Melamine

Wal-Mart pulled a number of dog treats from the shelves last month and subjected them to their own in house testing.

Those tests have come back and confirmed the presence of Melamine the agent thought to have killed or sickened possibly thousands of pets during the pet food recall earlier this year.

The treats were chicken jerky strips sold under the brand name Bestro's.

The products were sold under the name

  • Chicken Jerky Strips - by Import-Pingyang Co
  • Chicken Jerky - by Shanghai Bestro Trading

The pet foods caused liver failure in multiple types of cats and dogs (an official count was never reached).  This wasn't just a case of dog food gone bad causing pets to suffer colon cleanse symptoms, but actually caused organ failure.


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