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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Food Recalls and Wasted Distribution Energy Around Recycling

Like anything, good things happen in threes, so do bad things.  The recall of canned chili and other products made by Georgia-based subsidiary Castleberry's Food Co. was announced on 18th of July 2007 after two incidents of botulism poisoning involving four people, and was expanded on the 21st of July 2007 to include all goods from the suspect product line.

The recall includes a list of 87 food products and four different pet food products.   The majority of the 87 food products are based on different combinations of chili, .

This list of recalled products has over 25 different brand names.

On a separate note, we have been covering a lot of recalls from China.  I'd point out that American businesses have gotten in trouble in other areas of the world, such as India where soft drink manufacturers were basically booted from the country due to the perception of tainted bottle water.  In fact I was reminded of this tonight, during a talk radio show that mentioned Cokes attempts to build the largest plastic bottle recycling center in South Carolina (biggest in US to be located in SC).

A critic mentioned that Coke wouldn't need to recycle so much if they stopped bottling water in the first place and if the government encouraged people to drink the same water out of tap, even if its some extra fancy Delta faucets, whatever it takes to put the image of sexy back into tap water and stop wasting so many resources to bottle water in plastic, pack it, ship it, carry it home, send it to the recycle bin, pick up the plastic, and haul it to SC where it can happen all over again!