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Saturday, September 22, 2007

GPSInsight Delivers Scalable GPS Services - No long term GPS contracts and cheap GPS Prices

Where's My Drivers?

Where are my drivers?  That is the question that every fleet owner will ask at one point or another in their business.  They're just times when your drivers disappear from your visibility.  This usually happens exactly at the point in time when your customers need to know where their delivery is, where their service provider is, where their contractor is, where their medicine is, or where their transplant organ is.

These days GPS solutions are getting very cheap and when combined with online tracking functionalities they can be extremely powerful.  When GPS systems first started to come out, they typically requires long-term contracts.  The technology has gotten cheaper and the systems to manage that technology have also been simplified and scaled out.  You shouldn't have to get a GPS system shackled to a long-term contract. You should not have to get a GPS system that requires you to maintain a large number of GPS tracking units even when the size of your fleet varies over time moving up and down.

With that said we would like to provide a review of GPSInsight, an online company that provides a relatively cheap and very powerful system for tracking fleet vehicles.


What are My Drivers Doing?

GPSInsight provides a number of different capabilities with their systems.  These GPS systems among other things enable you to identify what your drivers are doing.  You can figure out where they're going, if they're staying on Route, you can even determine if they are exceeding the speed limit for driving dangerously or taking the most efficient path to their destination!  

Being able to confirm whether or not your drivers are being safe can help you get better insurance rates and lower costs, it can help you defend liability lawsuits, and it can help you take corrective measures to train your drivers to be safer avoid accidents and possibly save their lives.  It's very important to know what your drivers are doing with your vehicles.

How Can I get GPS Tracking systems Fast and Cheap?

GPSInsight can enable you to quickly set up a GPS tracking system for your fleet of vehicles.  When I say quickly I don't mean a few weeks or a few months or a few quarters, were talking about days.

GPS tracking devices are small and powerful these days and can be quickly shipped overnight to any location in the United States. Furthermore you can take a look at a number of online tutorials at GPSInsight where you can see just how powerful their systems are and all of the advantages that you can manage with the online systems that support the actual devices in your vehicles.  Furthermore the only charge a couple bucks per unit and that means you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per vehicle to buy the equipment and hundreds more to install it. The installations are fast and quick and very cheap to get the system up and running.

Furthermore they provide excellent support systems and they are constantly evolving their online tools such that you'll receive new product services on a regular basis.

Where can I get World Class Support to track fleets with GPS Systems without a Long Term Contract?

It simple to find world-class support for GPS systems about having a long-term contract.  You can establish a month-to-month relationship that can expand and contract with the volume of your fleet and the business that you do.  Some transportation businesses are seasonal as well, and GPSInsight can enable you to quickly ramp up or ran down as your business and its business cycle requires.


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