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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Importance of Fostering Environment for Employees to Keep their Lives Balanced

I would like to focus on an important topic today for businesses.  It is the concept of keeping your employees bounced.

It is very important to keep your employees balance so that they can make rational and informed decisions without letting emotion or subjective views sway them down a path that is bad for business.  This is difficult for any business to achieve and definitely requires the support of system and structure that promotes and fosters an environment for employees.  The concept of helping employees establish a life balance is actually very similar to running a good business. 


I've been reading a great audio book by Clay Nelson, a life coach and motivational speaker.  In his book "Getting Started Series: Having a Say in How Your Life Turns Out" he walks through several concepts that are very important for individuals looking to establish balance in their life and achieve their goals.  (read more on CD)

These include concepts of:

  • creating your purpose
  • How not to be stopped by fear
  • Commitment

Clay-Nelson He covers this in a three CD set, one CD for each concept and I'm currently just starting on CD number two.  CD number one does a very good job of walking through the concept of building a purpose statement for individuals. One of the concepts here is that it's very difficult to keep yourself balanced in life if you don't know what your purposes you don't know where you're going.  When you have no purpose, everything that happens in your life has the potential to put you off balance.

Clay walks through the process of establishing a purpose statement for person and how to live by that statement so that people are always working to stay on track, stay focused and in essence or by default keep their life balance.

After reading this section of the book, the concept has been sticking with me for several days.  I do have a purpose statement for myself that I've built quite some time ago.  After reading the section I found a few flaws in my statement and have revised it.  The key thing that I took away from this particular CD was the concept of always paying attention to what you're doing and asking yourself if it fits with your life purpose.

Sure there are some things in life that you have to do, but if you're not tackling those items that are most important towards achieving your purpose, and odds are your life is going to be off balance.  I'm looking forward to the next sections of the book and will be happy to share some of those with you as I get into them.  I do write book reviews on a different site, and you're more than welcome to read some of those reviews whatever you like.  This particular book resonated with me from the perspective that companies need balanced and rational employees to make good decisions, and to achieve that goal than you employees that know how to balance their lives out.  I do think that this book is a good resource both for employers and employees looking to achieve this purpose of life balance.

This is not a new concept for me, I have read many books on the subject in the past and attended several seminars on the subject as well.  This audio book does a very good job of providing some practical and applicable steps of the person can use to achieve life balance and in that, it is a valuable resource.