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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some Perspective on the Pet Food Recall

Since March 2007, Menu Foods and several other companies issued numerous pet food recalls due to the contamination of wheat gluten from a single Chinese company.  This recall came in response to reports of renal failure in pets.   The scope of the recall also affected pets located in Europe and South Africa.

Without going over the number of fatalities, lets focus on the money issue.   This blunder created an economic impact on the pet food market that Menu Foods alone lost a minimum of $42 million from the recall, even without taking into account reduced sales.

Many of my friends who have dogs and cats as their animal companions have taken the cause of making their own pet food instead of buying it.  Whether they can maintain that discipline is a different story.

Some people can provide pets and animals with more attention and discipline than others from the people that raise them to fight like Michael Vick, to the people that patrol the beaches saving turtles from encroaching street lights, to people that go for seagull lighting to spice up the entry way to their side entrance with a chandelier.